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Ormus Mineral Gold S-ORME  

Gold S-ORME [197 isotope white powder S-ORME white powder gold] - Highly reactive to magnetic fields. Orme gold can replace rhodium in DNA. Orme Gold Needs to be fully charged in order to over ride the governors in our DNA by replacing the rhodium.

Gold Orme Should have the miesner field fully charged & be imprinted with desirable information before consuming if all the benefits possible are desired. Gold is stable as a di-atom cluster and in single atoms. In clusters above 2 atoms in size, gold seeks to recombine with other gold atoms.

Gland associations: gold ORME affects mainly the pineal gland. Other glands are also affected by virtue of the effect upon the pineal gland. Gold ORME is the first ORME element that people should consume when on the spiritual path. Gold ORME also increases the conductivity of energy throughout the body. Has a more masculine energy.

Ormus Mineral Gold ORME    

Gold ORME [197 isotope white powder non-super conducting] - Non reactive to magnetic fields, no miesner field.

Can be converted to to super conducting with lab techniques, or within the human body over a period of time [usually 9 to 13 months]. No need to charge or imprint before consuming.

Cannot be charged and does not carry information like the super conducting form. Far less valuable to the human body.

Ormus Mineral Gold M-ORME 

Gold M-ORME [194 & 195 isotope red powder S-ORME - Red Lion] - Highly reactive to magnetic fields.

Appears to put off a restorative energy when consumed, equally powerful in regards to its spiritual effects as compared to 197 isotope white powder S-ORME.

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