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Water and health benefits

All of us are aware that having plenty of liquids- specially water is extremely important for good health. Time and again we are reminded of the benefits of keeping our body hydrated and the problems that can occur due to dehydration. However, have you ever considered why scientifically water is considered to be an essential force for our life? 

It is a well-known fact that human body comprises at least 60% of water in it. Water has an amazing capability to store energy and electromagnetic waves in them. These electromagnetic waves are known as photons.

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These photons of electromagnetic waves perform the job of carrying information from cell to cell. Our DNA is composed of light and emits signals to the other cells regarding how to react to a certain situation. This information travels across the body with the help of photons or bio-photons that the water in our body carries.

Increasing the strength of the bio photons will naturally lead to the strengthening of the signaling system in our body. This in turn can immensely boost out immune system and keep us away from a host of diseases. So it makes sense to say that if we can increase the strength of water in our body then we will be able to improve our overall health considerably.

It is possible to increase the strength of water that we intake. This is done through a process called structuring of water. If we take a few gallons of water and drop it from the top of a hill, the water that is recollected at the bottom of the hill is structured. The water that is naturally present in nature is already structured. Structured water remains structured for a longer time if it has minerals mixed in it. 

Structured water is free of memory and has a balanced pH. It is much smoother in taste as compared to the normal water. Another amazing quality of Structured water is that is transforms the normal water also into structured water if it is kept in its vicinity. This is because photons are nothing but electromagnetic waves.  

These waves react with the normal water kept nearby and convert it into structured water. This essentially means that if we drink one glass of structured water the existing water in our body automatically becomes structured and hence much stronger.

Bio photons have a lot of health benefits. Photons are life giving force and can help in regenerating cells in our body. They also play a vital role in boosting our immune system. Structured water can also help us in keeping us hydrated for a longer period of time. This is because it eliminates negative energy and help us keep up the positive energy for a long period of time. It can also have an impact on our skin and hair. Skin is less itchy when the structured water is used and there are no effects of sun burn.

While science is just discovering the benefits of using structured water on our health, Mother Nature has always bestowed us with the best that can be there. This again proves the point that closer we are to our roots and nature, better we will be, consciously or subconsciously.

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