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The Different States of Water.   

Water is a fundamental part of the earth system. Water is unique not only because it covers seventy percent of the earth surface but also because of its ability to exist in three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas.

The special qualities of water originates from its unique molecule shape. Each and every water molecule contains one atom of oxygen and two hydrogen atoms that are arranged in a manner that one side which is nearer to the hydrogen atom is positively charged and the other near to the oxygen atom is negatively charged.

When two water molecules come together, the negative side is attracted to the positive side hence making them cling together. This facts contributes to the cohesive, adhesive, high heat capacity and surface tension and other essential properties that make water important to the biosphere.

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When studying states of matter, we need to know that solids are usually denser than liquid and liquids more dense than gases. Surprisingly, water a little bit opposes this popular opinion.
The Different States of Water.

Water exists in three different states of matter; solid, liquid and gaseous. Solid State. Water in solid state is formed when temperature is reduced below the freezing point which is zero degrees Celsius. It can be found in three forms; ice, snow and frost.

Water in solid state are usually closely packed together such that they are unable to change their shape. Water in solid state has regular pattern with their molecules closely together because they are connected by hydrogen bonds to form a crystalline lattice.

These crystalline lattice has a lot of open regions and pockets making it less dense than liquid water hence it can float in liquid water.

Liquid Water. When temperature of solid water is increased above freezing point, water melts and forms liquid water.

They are found out of faucet, running in a river and when it rains. When it is in liquid state, its molecules are mobile because its forces of attraction have been weakened. Since the molecules can slide and slip against one another, they can take shape of any container they are placed in.

Gaseous State. Water in gaseous state can be obtained when liquid water is heated until it reaches it boiling point and evaporates. When in its gaseous state, its molecules move rapidly and their forces of attraction have been weakened.

At its gaseous states, water is invisible but we can feel it in air in a hot humid day. Naturally, water boils at one hundred degree Celsius to form water vapor although some other factors can influence this boiling point including impurities and altitude that influences pressure.

In general, different states of water can be summarized as follows; water in solid state changes to liquid through melting, the one in liquid state turns to gaseous via evaporation. Water in gaseous state changes its state to liquid through condensation and the one in liquid changes to solid state through freezing.
Therefore, water circulates endlessly through the atmosphere, land, ocean and even plants taking different physical states of matter at one time. 


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