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The difference between living water and dead water  

Living water versus Dead water.
What is the difference between dead and living water? 

For centuries, mankind have thought that the precious, clear liquid that ran through rivers, lakes and seas was only one and the same thing, water. But science has revealed the knowledge and truth about the world where humans reside, and one truth is that water was never the same thing at all. 

If there are no similarities, certainly, differences do exist. So, one question may arise with regards to water: Is there a difference that exists? This inquiry may seem odd. But science, once again, has an answer to such an uncommon question, and knowing the answer may prove vital to you, especially since water is one of the few factors that help to sustain life on Earth. 

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The difference is...Water is either living or dead.
Yes, regardless of the three main phases of water, being gas (in the form of moisture or water vapor), liquid, or solid (in the form of ice), water does have another characteristic, its either living or its dead. How? 

Living Water: 
Living water is also known as energized water. This simply means it has energy, living energy. This is the main property that separates it from dead water. Living water is known to have the following characteristics: 

- It has ample minerals that are essential for health (such as magnesium and calcium).- It is naturally purified, without the slightest bit of contamination or toxic substances that pollute it.- It has high levels of antioxidant attributes.  

And when consumed, living water :
- Improves natural body energy and health levels- Increases and supports cell mitosis - Has a natural and amplified taste- Improves immune system levels which protects you from common illnesses. 

In essence, living water is not polluted, rather, it is pure and clean as nature intended it to be, living water is found in mountain streams and naturally formed springs, and can be extracted from beneath the ground. Without a doubt, living water is beneficial, especially considering its known effects in the human body, but unfortunately, its availability is decreasing at a fast rate. 

Dead Water: 
Dead water is simply dead, but what does this mean? It means it has lost the vital purified energy that it once had, ultimately, it is deficient in the properties that living water has, mainly due to contamination. Pollution and toxic substances tend to have a negative effect on water, pollutants of water are able to turn living water into dead water, thus, the vital energy of living water begins to tire out or depletes over time.  

Although dead water can be filtered and purified for human consumption, it cannot be revived back into living water. This is because during the cleansing of polluted water, chemicals are used to kill the dangerous toxins that are present within the water, the chemicals used still remain in the water and form part of its molecular and chemical structure, this process alone, is not natural. Thus dead water cannot be reversed back to living water. 

Dead water has the following characteristics:
- Toxic substances may be present, of which are not natural (such as chlorine)- A lack life energy, which decreases the rate of metabolic processes within the human body.- It decreases immune system levels- Disturbs natural body systems and processes as dangerous substances are being consumed. 

Dead water is most abundant than living water since contaminated water is constantly being filtered and purified through the use of artificial methods. Dead water is commonly accessed via taps in domestic homes, since this water is artificially filtered. 

In conclusion, living water is more worthy of consumption than dead water, but due to availability, dead water is the one which is more consumed, although it does not offer the health benefits of living water, it does perform the basic functions that we need on a daily basis.

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