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The Power of Water to Change Things In The Body    

No matter where you look today you will encounter someone carrying bottled water. Water has become the earmark of a healthy lifestyle by offering hydration and purification.  

Over half of the human body is made of water; for this reason, drinking water for health is absolutely crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Power of water to change things in the body cannot be underestimated. Those things include the following 

1. Electrolyte Balance 

Water is very vital in maintaining electrolyte balance within our bodies. Electrolytes are charged ions which must be kept at certain levels to maintain water that is sufficient in our cells. Electrolytes transmit all sorts of information to our brains in the form of nerve impulses and are important in muscular activity as well.  

Water flows in and out of the cell to ensure that these ions remain in balance. By so doing, water maintains electrolytes at the proper level in our body cells. 

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2. Temperature regulation 

Air conditioners keeps things cool at home. The human body has its natural air conditioning system and it is water. The most important way water regulates our body temperature is through sweat. Sweat is actually a way for the body to cool itself down.  

Whenever we sweat, it evaporates on our skin, drawing heat away from the body and cooling us down. 

3. Digestion 

Water helps you to absorb all your foods. This is because it acts as the transport systems for all the nutrients in the bloodstream. 

4. Transport of substances in the body. 

Once a substance is dissolved in water, water becomes very important for transporting it throughout the body. Blood (83% water) transport oxygen, Carbon (IV) dioxide, nutrients, wastes products and more from one cell to cell.  

Urine removes wastes products from the body. Therefore water changes the levels of toxins in our body by transporting toxic substances out of our bodies. 

5. pH regulation 

Ideally human body must maintain a very specific pH level of 7.4.pH values less than 6.9 and greater than 7.6 are life threatening therefore our bodies’ pH must be maintained within narrow ranges of fluctuation. 

6. Burning of Fat 

Water aids in the burning of fat. To burn fat, the fat cells need to first be free of excess water and toxins. When you do not drink water, you may not lose weight since your body holds on to what water it gets for survival.  

Ideally our metabolic rate is the rate in which we burn calories. Water is required to this process to function optimally. Power of water to change things when it comes burning of fat is witnessed that way. 

Power of water to change things in our body is overwhelming. We should all drink water, at regular intervals throughout the day, even when we are not thirsty. This is due to the fact that water is centrally involved in nearly bodily process. Always assess the water source that you use on regular basis, making adjustment as needed and start creating the daily habit of regular, proper hydration. Water is indeed life. 

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