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Temperatures effect on Water   

Water is one classified beverage that has some surprising pros and cons. The temperature in which your body takes in water has several different effects. 
A common morning drink would be something like coffee or tea to not only wake up, but to warm up the body. Believe it or not, warm water intake daily especially in the morning, could be even more beneficial to you. Warm water helps to heal our bodies while providing a kick start to the digestive system. Also reducing metabolic waste that may have built up in your immune system is easily discarded.  

Consuming warm water leads to the tightening of intestines, optimizing elimination. While drinking cold water is not nearly as effective. Cold water lacks a significant amount of minerals that warm water does not.  

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Drinking warm water acts as a healing agent to the body.
Not only is warm water a natural substance that can be relied on for a nice morning cleanser, it also helps to alleviate pain. The heat inside the abdominal region from warm water acts as a calming and soothing effect within the muscles.  

This is useful for such issues like cramps and muscle spasms. Hot water increases blood flow to the skin, decreasing the pain cramped areas.  

Dieting is a common strategy used to lose weight. Studies have shown that drinking a warm glass of water first thing in the morning increases body temperature, causing a body’s metabolism to also increase. This means that your body is able to burn more calories faster and more efficiently. The gastrointestinal tract and kidneys are also more likely to function at a higher level of efficiency after consuming warm water.  

Fat deposits are eliminated along with the toxins that get flushed out after drinking warm water. This enhances blood circulation, giving the circulatory system a chance to function at its fullest potential.  

Presence of toxins in the body can lead to presence of wrinkles alongside the eyes as aging takes action. Toxins among blood cells is what causes signs of aging to be noticeable. Since drinking warm water helps to remove harmful toxins from the body, it can also not only remove, but prevent signs of aging. Drinking warm water can help to repair skin cells and promote increased elasticity.  

Since water temperature takes such an effect on the human body and human activity, it is not surprising that the temperature of water may also determine a living source for different species. Biological activity and growth is exerted by water temperature.  

Temperature governs what is and what is not capable of living in a certain area, like rivers and lakes. A warmer water temperature has a high likelihood of having chemical reactions. Higher levels of conductive electricity come from higher levels of temperature. This determines when and where specimens live.  

Water temperature has a broad list of effects it has on everything surrounding us. From helping with body functions to deciding a specimen’s home, temperature is a leading factor that contributes to everyday life. 

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