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Sensitivity of Water to the Environment

Water is a key component of life. Sensitivity to water quality and sensitivity of water to the environment are directly linked to the biological health, productivity and natural cycle. 

A degraded quality of the water stemming from chemicals, or other, may have severe effects on health. Contamination may pose immediate risks. A collateral impact may be the costly water treatment to remove possible pollutants.  

The additional measures may lead to an increased use of energy, which may affect the environment by producing harmful emissions. An issue of a secondary effect on the environment may relate to the disposal of contaminants that are extracted during the treatment.  

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As a general principle, the cycle represents a closed chain of interdependent components and the more degradation is available, the more cost is incurred in all terms.  

Sensitivity of water to the environment may be considered in the context of altering the ecosystems, too. Changing the parameters of the habitat and the composition of wildlife brings home threat for both nature and human health. The prevalence of chemicals, for ex., may have detrimental effects on lakes, rivers, the marine environmental status, etc., and pollutants accumulate around weak currents, coasts, etc. 

Water quality concerns may affect the commercial fishing activities, too, and target species that are fit for human consumption and health, as well as the environmental balance. Toxic algal blooms, for ex., may severely reduce water and land value, and certain recreational activities, like swimming, or canoeing and kayaking, may lose appeal as well.  

In some cases, water bodies may have cultural value for the local community, and water quality degradation may diminish the sense of environmental heritage. 

It is general knowledge that by improving the monitoring data of water quality or economic practices may support the relatively easy identification of their linkage with the ecosystems and the possible detrimental consequences.  

Sensitivity of water to the environment constitutes a major concern that is persistent in various studies and research work. Activities that carry risks are analyzed according to the specific context, local conditions and the awareness of the time-lag typical for the contamination entry into the system and its detectability.  

That circumstance may affect the policy approaches. The transboundary context of water sensitivity is subject to analysis, too, and a special focus is on the principle of cause and effect in a complex environmental system.  

The international efforts go solidly in that direction - sometimes the U.S. or EU having the leading role - and monitoring, as well as modelling the approaches, becomes a general trend. Yet, a strong need exists to value the changes to water quality.  

The design of valuation techniques disturbs the views of many scientists and policymakers. The major differences lie in the domain of the public and scientific perception, as well as the results transfer between different locations and, more globally, regions. 

Experts advise, however, that by diligently following the water use "ladder", the higher the quality of water in progressive proportions may allow for more efficient, environment-friendly and diversified uses that are par excellence beneficial, too, for human health and productivity. 

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