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Water and health benefits  

Science has proven that 60% of all the bodily fluids are comprised water. This gives a clear insight of the importance of water in a human being’s body. This article focuses on the importance of water and its communication with other body parts. Communications of water with the other body parts is a vital exercise. The following is a list of some of the reasons; 

Importance of water  

· Balancer of all bodily fluids 

As mentioned above, since water is the chief component in the bodily fluids, it plays very important role with other organs in the body. The processes include, 

 Digestion processes- the intestines do a vital exercise of separating the wanted from the unwanted food matters. For this to take place without constipation to the body, water is needed as a lubricant for the whole process. 

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 Saliva formation- saliva production in the mouth is facilitated by water. It is known that saliva helps in many other processes including the digestion process.  

 Absorption processes- this refers to the process of intake of a necessity by an organ in the body. Water acts as the facilitating agent for this process. 

 Blood purification- it helps decongest and dilute the blood off harmful toxins. 

· Communications of water are not limited to only its interaction with other fluids in the body but also it can be exhibited form the fact that, dermatologists have recommended the intake of water amply for a better skin. This is because; water helps in opening up the pores in the skin for free gaseous exchange. This is such that, the toxins are diluted and hence pave way for this. Besides this, water also acts as a temperature regulator of the body heat. 

· The kidney is another very important organ in the body. Its job involves the processing of roughly 200quarts of blood in a day. Also, it separates the urine from the blood and other fluids found in the body. Water helps as that catalyst to keep the kidney running and also facilitates the faster excretion of urine which is already unwanted in the system.

This in turn relieves conditions such as kidney stones. These are formed when harmful crystals form around the kidney area due to under activity. They can be very painful. 

· The dieticians argue that water is the best channel for curbing extra calories in the body. This is due to the fact that, when water is taken before meals it helps in satiety. Once this happens, the metabolization processes will happen faster in the body. Therefore releasing the calories faster. 

· Lubricant- for the tissues in the body, water keeps them moist and healthy. For instance the nose and eye tissues exhibit healthiness if they are moist. Others like the spinal cord and bones in general also depend on water for lubrication. 


From this it can be clearly stated that the communications of water with the body is very important. Therefore it is up to any human being to observe the correct intake of water for a healthier living. 

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