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Water manifest itself differently in various religions and cultural beliefs. The fact that water is a necessity and means of survival makes it’s an integral part of any society and a key part of culture. All major civilization developed around water sources. This allowed for agriculture, trade, transport and defense example the Egypt civilization along River Nile of Africa.

Belief and Thoughts effect on Water encompasses so much as culture and religion are often associated with water. Hence discussion of water and religion is pertinent to water in culture. Water in many religion has two main significant uses first it cleanses washes away impurities and pollutants hence one is made clean. Water does not only purifies but also makes objects clean externally and spiritually.

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Secondly water is life without water no society can survive but it can also destroy. We are at the mercy of water the same way we are at the mercy of our God or gods. There are different religions in the world that define water differently because as we talk of the thoughts or beliefs we must discuss religion as playing an important role in defining water in different societies in the world.

First let’s talk Buddhism although Buddhism has no feature of water in there funeral water is poured in a bowl and placed between the monks and the dead body. As the water pours they recite their scripts to signify that the dead may go in peace. Almost all Christian churches or sect use water as a initial ritual. Examples in Baptism which has its origins in the early Israelites.

Baptism is regarded as a way of cleansing and individual from original sin which was committed by Adam and Eve according to the Bible book of Genesis. Catholics also practice the use of holy water to wash way sins. Water is placed in a bowl and sprinkled to the congregation at the beginning of mass. This are the Belief and Thoughts effect on water.

For Muslims serves above and beyond all form of purification. There are three forms of ablution in Muslim, the first and fore most is the washing of the whole body. Before each of the five daily prayers and which include washing of the head, hands fore arms and feet. When water is scarce they use sand to cleanse themselves.

On the other hand Jews use water to ritual cleanse themselves and to keep themselves pure. Although most of the purification rituals in the Jewish community are less practiced other forms that have remain are the Mikveh on Friday attended by men.

Conclusion Water has an important role especially in ancient civilization in the Belief and Thoughts effect on water. Ancient civilization like the Roman empire, Egyptian Civilization and the Omayyad Dynasty all reflect on the thoughts of water as an integral part in people’s lives.

The qualities of water and its necessities to human race result in it being a significant part of our culture and religion. As a result water is viewed as not only important but as part special in every part of the world. 

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