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Properties of Water.   

Water is a binary molecule that is clear, odorless and tasteless liquid. It occurs in three forms- liquid, gaseous and solid. It’s the major component of all life forms constituting 60% volume by mass of both plants and animals skeleton. Thus, it’s regarded as a critical component for life sustenance.

Water has a simple atomic structure consisting two hydrogen atoms joined to single oxygen atom. The structure of water gives it unique physical, chemical and biological properties which influences many process in living organisms. Therefore, the different properties of water emanate from the liking of its atoms and the resulting structure.  


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Physical properties. 

Heat capacity; the capacity to absorb heat energy from the environment. When water is boiled, it takes time subject to heat supplied to reach its boiling point which is typically 1000 c. This property allows vast amount of ocean waters to act like reservoirs of solar energy which help to maintain a balance of temperatures on earth surface.  

Adhesive and cohesion; molecules of water stick together due to cohesion forces and are attracted to other substances by adhesive forces. 

Capillary action; when a hollow straw is placed in a vessel filled with water, capillary is observed. Due to adhesive property of water, when a single molecules climbs the straw other flows. However, capillary is subject to size of straw and gravity action.  

Density; the density of pure water is around 1g/cm3. Usually, water density is dependent on temperature and salt content. When liquid water is cooled to room temperature, it becomes denser similar to other substances. However, at around 40c pure water attains its maximum density any further cooling causes expansion with reduction in density. 

Biological properties. 

Many organisms on earth surface live in water including bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, Phytoplankton, insects, worms, fish and plants among others due to the different properties of water. Water has a neutral PH making it ideal for life sustenance. 

Various processes like transpiration, evaporation, precipitation and run off continuously recycle water am are paramount in maintaining ecological balance. Clean water is vital for human and other organism consumption. 

Chemical properties. 

Water molecule constitutes two hydrogen and one oxygen atom. Water molecule is partially positively and negatively charged due to hydrogen bonding created within the molecule. The oxygen gives the molecule a negative charge while the hydrogen atoms give a negative charge resulting in different properties of water. 

Hydrophobic; water has the ability to dissolve various substances that are made up of polar and ions molecules. The electric charge created makes these substances to be attracted to water molecules and dissolve.  

Hydrophobic; substances with non-polar bonds are less attracted to water molecule and tend to be insoluble in water. When such substances are mixed with water, layers are observed showing distinct molecules. 

Hydrogen bonds; water molecules are attracted to each another by hydrogen bonding. The hydrogen bonds tends to be strongest when several water molecules are attracted together, and this property allows water molecules to cling together in large volume. 


The physical, Chemical and biological properties of water makes it’s a universal solvents that is essential for life. Usually, not any single living organism can survive without water. The need to conserve our natural resources like forest is key towards ensuring water conservation.  

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