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Water, The Environment, Balance, and Perspective.

Water is one of the key ways that the environment regulates itself, and it is one the key ways our body regulates itself as well. By studying the adaptability of water to the environment and vice versa, we can draw some interesting conclusions about the effects water has on our bodies when we drink enough of it.

According to Adaptability: The Significance of Variability from Molecule to Ecosystem, by M. Conrad, water adapts to its environment and causes its environment to adapt to the water itself by creating cycles, in which the disparate chemicals available in the ecosystem are eventually balanced for optimal growth and flourishing of the ecosystem.

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Through the water cycle, and through filtration as water moves through aquifers, porous rock, silt, grasses, and other natural barriers, the chemical makeup of the body of water is changed over and over again from the well-known "H2O" to "H2O plus any number of Nano scope organisms or electrolytes" and then back again to "H2O."

And with bodies that rely so heavily on water to function, include their own sets of natural filtration systems, and rely almost entirely on routine and habit to get through the day, it isn't much of a stretch to refer to humans as each being their own, self-contained ecosystem. The adaptability of water to the environment inside a human body is a key factor in maintaining human health and wellness. 

A perfect example of the adaptability of water to the environment in a human body is when one is said to be "retaining water," but their symptoms are extreme thirst, swollen joints, and dizziness. This is when a human needs the adaptability of water to the environment like never before, because instinct kicks in, and drinking quite a bit of water will balance out the excess sodium.

The water will flow through the body, capture the excess sodium, carry it through natural filtration systems, and flush it out of the human's "ecosystem"-- the adaptability of water to the environment saving a human life.

Because early doctors believed that the cause of swollen joints was excess water in the joints, too many people suffered and the condition known as "dropsy" came to be called "retaining water," which means people still suffer because it's so counter-intuitive to drink more water if the condition one has is water retention.

And yet, water, and our bodies, somehow know what to do when our overthinking minds get out of the way. 
Sodium isn't the only excess chemical that water automatically helps balance in the ecosystem that is our bodies, and the importance of the adaptability of water to the environment of our bodies cannot be overstated. Yet neither can the importance of the adaptability of water to the environment of our planet.

Water conservation is essential for continued human health and safety, as water is essential for all living things to drink and essential for balance in every ecosystem. Without water being adaptable to the environment and creating cycles that bring the disparate molecules in the ecosystem into balance, we will soon lose our footing.

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