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(ORMUS) How to make Powder from Wet Process

Reading a couple of sources online and also Chris Emmons book on Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy ( A must read if you are serious about Ormus) and trying to figure out the best way to convert my white precipitate to a white powder.
Seen one way was using the oven at 275 degrees and let it dry out. In the book it says to just let it set out covered with paper filer or cheese cloth to dry out which would be a very slow process.

One idea that I was thinking was using a dehydrator that use the top layer/layers farthest away from the heating element to dry out the precipitate. Several advantages of this would be the amount you could do, the control of the temperature, having a large stack of trays you could put your heat source farther away from the electrical heat source.

Please reply and give me any ideas on drying the wet process to a power form would be much appreciated.

Some have commented on putting precipitate in a glass container in a gas stove for a couple hours at 300 to evaporate the water, leaving the white precipitate.

This is me annealing a small portion of my white powder, I made it using the wet method with Masada Dead Sea salt. I originally annealed it in the oven on self-clean cycle about seven times.    

It’s only been dried at 350 degreed F for two hours.  

I dried the filtrate for a couple hours at 250 degrees Fahrenheit in a toaster oven    

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