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Top Health Benefits of Water 

Water is the main constituent of the body. Depending on body size, water makes up between 55 to 78 percent of the body. Several studies tell that water has many health benefits thus the amount of the taken each day plays a central role in maintaining a healthy body.  

According to a research by the Institute of medicine, the measure of beverage required by the body varies from one sex to another. While men may require at least three liters of beverage, women need about two liters of beverage to provide adequate water to the body. This water helps to keep the body hydrated throughout the day.  

Here are some of the top benefits of water to the body. 


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Relieves Headaches and Migraines 

According to a study issued by the European Journal of Neurology, increasing water intake considerably reduced the total number of hours and intensity of headaches among the study participants.  

Weight Loss 

According to a clinical trial, researchers discovered that taking two eight-ounce cups of water before meals helps to suppress appetite thus augmenting weight loss. Research also shows that drinking water before meals fills the stomach hence reducing the tendency to eat more. In addition, it aids the speed at which the body burns fat and assists breakdown and ridding of fat cells. 

Water analysis reveals that water has no fat, calories and carbohydrates hence it is a perfect replacement for calorie drinks such as soda and alcohol.  

Eradicates Fatigue  

In another study, fatigue was identified as a possible sign of dehydration. When one is exhausted, it is likely that inadequate water uptake is the cause. Scientists explain that when there is less amount of water in the body, blood volume decreases causing the heart to work faster and harder to pump oxygen to the tissues. A lot of energy is used up in the process leading to fatigue. Drinking clean water may help the body to function efficiently to reduce fatigue.  

Liberates Toxins 

Several Research studies support the claim that water is an excellent detoxifier as it aids in flushing toxins out from the body. While removing toxins, it also rids waste via urine and sweat. 

Furthermore, studies indicate that water helps in promoting kidney function. Scientists believe that drinking adequate water dilutes excess salts and mineral in urine that may cause kidney stones.  

Improves Digestion 

According to another research, water improves gastrointestinal tract functioning. It helps to checks constipation. Experts explain that insufficient water in the body can lead to constipation since the colon absorbs water from the digested food material thus producing hard stool that is difficulty to pass. Therefore, water is useful in digestion and efficient functioning of the bowels. In fact, experiments have shown that warm water aids good digestion. 

While taking water and other drinks is recommended, caution against taking too much water as it may reduce the kidneys` capacity to filter out waste effectively. It is therefore advisable to take only the amount of water that the body needs.

Since the quantity of water requirement varies from one individual to another, it is recommended to take the amount of water that is required by the body and include other foods and fluids with high water content.   

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